Bangarraju Telugu 2022 Movie Review Ibomma (2024)

Bangarraju Telugu 2022 Movie

Bangarraju is a supernatural romantic family entertainer movie directed by Kalyan Krishna. The movie casts Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Ramya Krishna, and Krithi Shetty are in the lead roles. The music was composed by Anup Rubens while cinematography is done by J Yuvaraj and it is edited by Vijay Vardhan K. The film is produced by The film is jointly produced by Annapurna Studios and Zee Studios banners.

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Cast And Crew

  • Akkineni Nagarjuna in a dual role as Bangarraju and Ram "Ramu" Mohan
  • Ramya Krishna as Satyabhama
  • Naga Chaitanya as Chinna Bangarraju
  • Krithi Shetty as Naga Lakshmi
  • Sampath Raj as Sampath
  • Rao Ramesh as Ramesh
  • Brahmaji as Chinna Bangarraju's uncle
  • Vennela Kishore as Chinna Bangarraju's uncle
  • Chalapathi Rao as Chalapathi
  • Annapurna as Nagalakshmi's grandmother
  • Jhansi as Chinna Bangarraju's Aunt
  • Anitha Chowdhary as Chinna Bangarraju's Aunt
  • Rajshri Nair as Nagalakshmi's mother
  • Rohini as Nagalakshmi's friend
  • Surekha Vani as Sampath's wife
  • Praveen as Rambabu
  • Govind Padmasoorya as Aadi
  • Ranjith Velayudhan as Harish
  • K. Naga Babu as Yama Dharma Raja
  • Ravi Prakash as Indra
  • Naga Mahesh as Siddhanti
  • Duvvasi Mohan as Chitragupta
  • Gundu Sudarshan as Narada
  • Phanindra Gollapalli as School Teacher
  • Cameo appearances
  • Meenakshi Dixit as Apsara
  • Darshana Banik as Apsara
  • Vedhika as Apsara
  • Daksha Nagarkar in "Entha Sakkagundiro" song
  • Faria Abdullah as item number in "Vaasivaadi Tassadiyya" song

Bangarraju, the sequel to Soggade Chinni Nayana, has been heavily promoted in recent days. It's the only major release this Sankranti, and it's already available. Let's see what happens.


Bangarraju (Nagarjuna) travels to Swargam and lives happily ever after. Satyamma, his wife, dies away one lovely day and joins him in Swargam. She then tells Bangarraju that his grandson (China Bangarraju) has turned into a Playboy and isn't taking life seriously. Bangarraju is forced to return to Earth and correct the situation. As if that weren't enough, China Bangarraju is also at odds with the village's main villains. The rest of the story follows Bangarraju's descent and restoration of order.

Plus Points:

The film's basic celebratory atmosphere is quite wonderful, and it's a terrific match for the present Sankranti season. The family audience will enjoy the rural setting and the entertainment provided.

It's wonderful to see Nagarjuna and Chay Akkineni acting together on screen. The film's exciting sequences, songs, battles, and emotions with them are a huge feature. Krithi Shetty reprises her role as Naga Lakshmi, which she excels at. She looks stunning in Indian clothing and has a great rapport with Chay.

In terms of Chay, this is the first time he has played such a colourful character and he does a fantastic job. In all of the songs and dance routines, Chay wears floral blouses and looks adorable. In all of the action episodes, Kalyan Krishna has done an excellent job of showcasing him.

The audience is mesmerised by Faria Abdullah, who performs a beautiful song. In his supporting part, Rao Ramesh is quite good. Vennela Kishore gets a few chuckles. The climax fight is fantastic and well-designed, and it is a pleasure for fans and the general public.

Last but not least, Nagarjuna once again exudes charisma in his portrayal. He takes the back seat this time to offer Chay Akkineni more screen time. Ramya Krishna also does a good job in her role.

Minus Points:

The first part of the movie isn't very good. It gets off to a strong start, with all of the main characters being well-developed. But after that, things start to get a little boring.

Despite the fact that there was plenty of room for comedy, the filmmakers overlooked it and included unneeded songs starring Nagarjuna and Ramya Krishna, which disrupted the flow. The plot is straightforward, and there aren't many emotional moments in this section.

Technical Aspects:

Anup Rubens is given a lot of credit because his music forms the foundation of the movie. All of the tracks were well-composed and shot in a colourful manner. The dialogues are entertaining, especially those written for Nag. Chay Akkineni is a well-designed character. The camera department does an excellent job, since the picture is full with vibrant village scenes.

When it comes to the sequel's director, Kalyan Krishna, he performs a good job. However, the initial portion of Soggade is unquestionably more enjoyable than Bangarraju. Though he recounts Bangarraju in a dull style in the first half, the second half is quite fantastic, with proper family feelings, drama, and a satisfying finale.


Overall, Bangarraju is a good rural drama, with Nagarjuna and Chay Akkineni taking centre stage. Despite the fact that the first half and tale appear to be pretty boring, the second half is full of enjoyable moments. Bangarraju will do well at the box office due of the joyful atmosphere and the presence of several stars and exciting tunes.

Bangarraju Telugu 2022 Movie Review Ibomma (2024)
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