25 Golf Clothing Brands You Should Know (2024)

Golfing is considered a preppy sport, and judging by the clothing style, it’s actually a pretty accurate description. Although, the clothing brands that we will mention shortly came a long way from the traditional golfing uniform of a couple of decades ago.

Avid golfers like to look their best so they most likely turn to some of the luxurious apparel brands. They don’t mind splurging if that makes them feel like they belong.

As golf rose in popularity in the last few years, so did its influence on style. Another reason for the change in style is the more accessibility to the sport. Back when golf was introduced, it was mostly an elite group that had access to the golf clubs and courses. But in the last few years most people can pick up the game as a hobby.

With easier accessibility, the rigid dress rules also became more lenient.Demographics played a role as well. You will find more and more younger people playing the game now than ever before. So no wonder the clothing brands had to adapt.

Of course, the conservative brands still dominate the golf apparel market, but trendy and sporty clothing is starting to make a name for themselves.

Let’s see which are the 25 best golf clothing brands you should know.

25. Original Penguin

While many believe the brand to be the originator of the golf shirt, they do make clothing that will definitely turn heads. Their items feature modern technology that is well established in the industry, and which allows you to move freely.

Play with ease while looking your best wearing pieces such as long-sleeved hoodies, shorts, or their flagship golf shirts.

24. G/Fore

One of the most innovative names on this list, G/Fore is the brand to consider if you’re looking for something different. Disrupting the traditional golf looks, they brought a touch of street style to the golf course.

While remaining respectful of the game, their clothes provide extreme flexibility and comfort.

23. Calvin Klein Golf

Keeping with their tradition, Calvin Klein Golf offers clean aesthetics that have a sporty edge. The brand combines classic tailoring with exceptional performance, that is why many great golf players are loyal fans of the brand.

From polo shirts and trousers to outwear, you will be well dressed.

22. Bogey Boys

Music mogul Macklemore has turned his focus to the golf clothing market. He founded this company in 2020, bringing customers contemporary styles for the golf course. His collections feature a more colorful approach to a more bland industry.

With prints and designs that keep up with the times, his clothing items are among the best on the market at the moment.

21. KJus

The brand designs clothes for active people that are always on the move. It combines first-class style with unmatched technology for great performance.

Taking one step further, their stretchy high-quality fibers provide you with maximum movement so you won’t feel restricted while playing. You can swing those clubs in style and comfort.

20. Under Armour

Under Armour are pioneers of activewear, and their golfing apparel is no different. Designed to make your game as pleasant as possible, their apparel will revolutionize your game with their state of the art technology.

Their grip shoes are flexible, hence providing you with comfort and enhancing your performance, while their polos are classic and stylish.

19. Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is the timeless representation of the game and all it stands for. After all, they are the pioneers in the polo shirts as we know and love them. Although they did not invent the polos, they revolutionized them.

Offering superior style that is the epitome of classic elegance, you will look and feel great on the golf course.

18. Puma

Another German brand worth noting, Puma started their golf line in 2004. They don’t stray too far from their classic styles, but their designs combine style, comfort, agility, and performance.

The seasonal designs will keep you looking sharp, while their innovative fabrics will provide you with extreme comfort. Their range of colors is also worth noting.

17. Travis Mathew

Want to blend your love for the game with state-of-the-art technology? Then Travis Mathew is the brand to look for. They use engineered fabrics that will not only help you look the part, but also feel great while doing so.

Their breathable trousers and sophisticated polo shirts will complete your golfing attire.

16. Nike

One of the world’s leading athletic brands offers a great selection of golf apparel as well. Nike is an innovative company that continuously evolves to changing times. The Dri-Fit technology in their fabrics allows for ease of movement and wicks sweat away.

So golfers can stay on the course for hours and still feel and look fresh, even if the temperature is high. Their selection of polos is colorful, and the designs contemporary.

15. Lululemon

This Canadian company is well-known for their yoga apparel, but they also make clothing that is great for golfing. The fabric is purposely engineered to adapt to movement thanks to its flexible characteristics.

The polo shirts are not only practical, but stylish as well, and their pants are designed to keep you dry.

14. Hugo Boss

Founded in 1924 in Metzingen, Germany, this luxury clothing and accessories brand offers a broad selection of golfing gear. From polos that sport a defined traditional fit in a cotton-blend that offers loads of stretch, to a more contemporary down-filled jacket, you can dress to impress.

Their puffer vests are also cool, and they are filled with sustainably sourced feathers. Engineered for top performance, the brand combines activewear with a touch of elegance.

13. Lacoste

This clothing brand was introduced by French Tennis legend Rene Lacoste in 1933. Famous for their polo shirts, their style is inspired from high standards in sporting etiquette. The late owner and tennis legend is the one to invent the famous polo shirt back in 1933.

Among their most popular golf clothes are the printed gold sweatshirt, the zippered pique polo, and the foldable Spirit Edition raincoat.

12. Adidas

Leaders of the pack in the golf fashion scene, Adidas is a must on any best golf clothing list. Their footwear is top of the line as well, and their golf shoes vary in style from the traditional to the modern varieties.

Founded by Adolph and Rudolf Dassler in 1949 in Germany, this iconic company brings customers premium pants, shorts, polos and sweaters. They extended to the golf scene in 1997, and their clothing is manufactured to stretch naturally and block wind.

11. Bonobos

A fairly new company, Bonobos was founded in 2007 in NYC by Andy Dunn and Brian Spealy. Considering themselves the Kings of the Polo shirts, they do live up to their claim. You can pick from a variety of striped or block colored shirts that will make you stand out on the golf course.

Their principles of style, performance and fit offer great movement while you play your favorite sport.

10. Castore

British premium sports brand Castore has seven locations across the globe. Founded in 2015 by Philip and Thomas Beahon, their headquarters are in Manchester, England. Featured in their lineup is one of the most advanced polos on the planet, the Keane Polo.

With breathable and lightweight materials and a modern cut, you can understand why their shirts are so popular. Designed with an anti-odor technology, they also allow for a full range of movement on or off the golf course.

9. Linksoul

Combining work and play, Linksoul found joy and simplicity in golfing. Their laid-back aesthetic is paired with top of the line technology, making them a must for your comfort wear.

An epitome to sportswear, the brand offers great items that disrupt the everyday classic golf attire you might be used to. The brand was founded in 2009 in Oceanside California by John Ashworth and Geoff Cunningham.

8. J.Lindeberg

Style conscious golf players will instantly be drawn to the aesthetics of J. Lindeberg. They provide a curated inventory that blends traditional designs and gives them a modern twist. The players will be allowed to feel comfortable while enjoying the game, and will look even better.

Modern golfers will love the performance fabrics that are incorporated in their designs, which feature trendy finishes.

7. Stitch

Originally an accessories and head coverings brand Stitch was founded in 2012, but then expanded to other items. Now their inventory includes golf bags, luggage, as well as high-quality apparel.

They have a thing for shades of blue, which are predominant colors in their newest polo line. Their logo is inspired by the Gulf Oil logo, which includes blue and orange shades.

6. Holderness & Bourne

One of the newbies on the golfing apparel market, Holderness & Bourne was founded in New York in 2014. The country-club feel you get from their clothes made them one of the most sought after brands worthy of a splurge.

The company was started by Alex Holderness and John Bourne, hence the name. Their most notable products will have to be the Macdonald and Maxwell polo shirts.

5. Greyson Clothiers

This trendy New York based brand caters to a younger clientele. Young golfers Justin Thomas and Erik Van Rooyen, among many others, favor the statement making Peaco*cksley polo.

But they do offer some more traditional offerings as well, such as Those Who Shepherd or Apache polos. The superfans of the brand can become part of their exclusive club and membership plans offer them perks and deals geared towards members only.

4. Lyle & Scott

One of the oldest and better established golf clothing brands in the world, Lyle & Scott was founded in Hawick, Scotland back in 1874. Golf legends Greg Norman and Jack Niklaus have been loyal customers for decades.

They went through a few makeovers throughout the years, but now they are focusing on golf apparel once again. Their sweat wicking slim fit and lightweight Jacquard polo is one of their flagship items that is great for hours spent on the golf course.

3. Galvin Green

The European market loves the Galvin Green rain gear. In North America, their polos are their most favorable item. The slimmer cut that is inspired by European influences is appreciated by those who are into a more trendy look. Another notable feature this Swedish brand offers is their sustainability efforts.

Most of their fabrics carry the bluesign certification, which basically means that the harmful chemicals are eliminated through the manufacturing process. Producing their clothes is done in a safe environment for their workers.

2. Peter Millar

Founded in 2001 Peter Millar is one of the newer brands on the list, but they quickly made a name for themselves. This North Carolina based brand offers customers smart aesthetics and well-made products. This preeminent golfing apparel brand sells in pro shops of private clubs and upscale resorts.

One of their most popular items, the Solid performance polo, made from the Summer comfort material is a great choice. Not only is it available in a wide array of colors, but it feels lightweight and offers a decent amount of stretch.

1. Radmor

While they were roommates at the University of Washington, partners Bob Conrad and Scott Morrison started planning their venture; they finally got it off the ground in 2020. Ideological and quality focused, the partners both love to create beautiful apparel from high caliber organic cotton and other plant based fibers.

The thought of how synthetic fabric such as polyester harm the environment while feeling awkward on the skin enticed them to only produce things with the best available materials. Their Pima performance polo is an example of the conscious effort the duo places on being sustainable while aesthetically pleasing.

Final Thoughts

This sums up our list of the 25 golf clothing brands you should know. Were you familiar with most of them before reading this article, or were we the ones to introduce you to a few less well-known brands?

Either way, we hope you enjoyed our curated list of the most popular and high quality golf clothing brands available on the market at the moment. You can enjoy your game and look good while doing it!


  • 25. Original Penguin
  • 24. G/Fore
  • 23. Calvin Klein Golf
  • 22. Bogey Boys
  • 21. KJus
  • 20. Under Armour
  • 19. Polo Ralph Lauren
  • 18. Puma
  • 17. Travis Mathew
  • 16. Nike
  • 15. Lululemon
  • 14. Hugo Boss
  • 13. Lacoste
  • 12. Adidas
  • 11. Bonobos
  • 10. Castore
  • 9. Linksoul
  • 8. J.Lindeberg
  • 7. Stitch
  • 5. Greyson Clothiers
  • 3. Galvin Green
  • 2. Peter Millar
  • 1. Radmor
25 Golf Clothing Brands You Should Know (2024)
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