17 Free Printable Planner Pages (2023)

If you’re in search of free printable planner pages to customize your planner, your bullet journal, or your digital planner, you’ve come to the right place!

I can’t say enough good things about the concept of printable planner pages and that’s why I think everyone should give it a try. To help you do so, I’m happy to share with you more than 17 free printable planner pages to help you easily customize your planner and get more organized.

I created all of these planner templates and shared them individually on this website in the past. To make it easier for you to find the planner pages you need I decided to regroup them all on this page.

I’ve included a pretty diverse selection: weekly dashboard layout, a year in pixels, cleaning schedule, password tracker, important dates, birthday and events tracker, no spend tracker, 100-day challenge, saving challenge, sleep tracker, period tracker, meal planner, grocery list… and more!

You can download each planner template individually from their corresponding article (click on the button “get this freebie” to be taken to the article where you can download the file).

Alternatively, you can also download these 17 free planner templates all at once as a big pack: Get your free Planner Pack.

Before sharing the 17 free printable planner pages further down this page, I just want to share a few pieces of info about the Ultimate Planner Bundle as well as a few tips to add printable templates to your planner.

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Here is a preview of some of the pages included in this list. You can find the full list below – click on “get this freebie” to access the post where each printable was originally shared on my website.

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17 Free Printable Planner Pages (1)

Do you like printable planner pages?
You’ll love the Ultimate Planner Bundle – 160 Planner Inserts to customize your planner & get more organized

Printable planner inserts are a cheap and easy way to customize your planner and make it fit your needs! The ability to create and add my own pages to my planner is what led me to get a planner (rather than a classic agenda for instance) in the first place.

In fact, I love printable planner pages so much that I created a pack with more than 160 pages of printable planner inserts to help you organize all areas of your life: home management, health & wellness, finance, hobbies, goals, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars.
I also included 12 different weekly planner layouts to help you decide which layout works best for you. If, like me, you can’t quite make up your mind about which weekly layout

is your favorite this is a perfect solution, you can switch it up whenever you want and you don’t have to commit to one weekly layout for the whole year.

To make it easy to print and combine with most planners, 3 sizes are included: US letter, Classic Happy Planner, and A5.

You can see all the inserts included in this bundle, along with a special offer on this page: The Ultimate Planner Bundle.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (2)You can see larger images and a flip-through video of all the 160 planner inserts included in the Ultimate Planner Bundle on this page. I also have a special offer for you:

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17 Free Printable Planner Pages

Here is a selection of 17 free printable planner pages. You can easily download them, print them and add them to your planner, bullet journal, or even to your digital planner.

If you'd like more than 160 printable planner pages make sure. to check out my Ultimate Planner Bundle.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (3)

Free Printable "A Year In Pixels" - Daily Mood Tracker

This free printable “A year in pixels” spread can be added to your planner or bullet journal to track your mood (or a different “data” of your choice) every day of the year. Available in 3 sizes (US Letter, Classic HP, A5/A4.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (4)

Free 30 Day No Spend Challenge Printable

Thisfree 30-day no spend challenge printablewill make it more fun to stay motivated when you’re trying to keep your expenses at a minimum. This no-spend tracker will also help keep you accountable.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (5)

Free Printable Planner Insert: Important Dates

This “Important date” printable page helps you recap the most important dates throughout the year. You can use it to remember anything you want: birthdays, anniversaries, deadlines…

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (6)

This free printable vertical lined planner layout is undated so that you can use it any time of the year. I decided to go with a simple and modern elegant design with neutral tones to leave you the freedom to decorate to your liking.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (7)

Free Printable Sleep Tracker (3 sizes)

Thisfree printable sleep tracker will help you record your sleeping times every night (and every day) of the month.All hours of the day and night appear on this printable so you can also use it to record your naps or if you have a night work schedule and sleep during the day.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (8)

Free Printable Birthday Tracker

This“Birthdays & Events” printable page helps you recap on one page all the birthdays and other important events that happen throughout the year. Seeing all the dates reminded on one page can help you anticipate gifts to buy, cards to send, and other things to prepare for certain occasions.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (9)

Free Printable Blank Yearly Calendar Template for your bullet journal

Here is a printable blank yearly calendar template for your bullet journal or your planner. Because it’s undated you can use it for any past, present, or future year.I included 2 versions: Sunday & Monday start.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (10)

Free Printable Period Tracker for your Planner (3 sizes)

Easily keep track of your menstrual cycle with this printable period tracker. You can use this yearly period tracker template to track all your symptoms and get a better understanding of your cycle.

This period tracker will help you predict when your period is scheduled to start and be better prepared for it.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (11)

Free Printable Music Tracker: "Songs of the Month"

This printable insert helps you keep track of your favorite songs of the month.

You can print this page and easily add it to your planner or bullet journal. Simply fill this music tracker by adding the titles of your current favorite songs. You get 12 slots per page. You can also add the month and year on top.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (12)

Free Printable Password Tracker

For safety reasons, it’s highly recommended to use different passwords for every website you use. That makes it pretty difficult to remember all your passwords. If you’re tired of having to click the “I forgot my password” button all the time, you can simply start tracking all your passwords with this free printable password log. Once filled out, make sure to keep this password sheet in a safe location.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (13)

Free Printable Utilities Information Sheet

Use this printableUtilities Information sheet to regroup on one page all the useful details about your utility services. This printable utilities information sheet will come in handy and save you time whenever you need to contact one of these services or access your online accounts.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (14)

Free New Year's Resolutions Printable (+ Monthly Resolutions)

Here is a set of 3 printable new resolutions worksheets to help you reflect on the changes you’d like to make for the new year (or the next month). I included 3 different worksheets with different titles:2 for yearly resolutions(“next year” and “this year”) andone for monthly resolutions(“next month”).

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (15)

Free Printable 100 Day Challenge Habit Tracker

You can use this printable habit tracker to help you build new positive habits.

It’s often said that completing a task for 21 days in a row helps to form new habits. Why not push it even further by going for 100 days?! If, like me, you’re the type of person that needs some sort of motivation and structure to get you going and determined then this 100-day challenge should be really helpful.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (16)

This weekly schedule helps you spread your cleaning tasks throughout the week so that your home always stays clean and in order. This also helps you balance your tasks so that you don’t end up having to do most of the cleaning on your day off and feel overwhelmed on “cleaning day” and unsatisfied the rest of the week.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (17)

Free Printable Grocery List

Here’s a free printable grocery list to help you plan your grocery tips more effectively.

Taking the time to prepare a detailed grocery list can help you meal planning, but also help you to watch your budget and make sure to keep a balanced diet.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (18)

Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner

Use this free printable weekly meal planner to have an overall view of your weekly meals and plan a balanced menu throughout the week.

17 Free Printable Planner Pages (19)

Free 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable

Here’s a free printable 52 week savings challenge tohelp you save a little bit a money every week of the year. This printable is available in 3 sizes: US Letter, A4, A5.

The amount you save will increase by 1$ every week. Week 1: $1, Week 2: $2,…. Week 52: $52) for a grand total of1378$ saved at the end of the year.

What are the benefits of adding printable planner inserts to your planner?

Adding printable pages to your planner is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create a flexible planning system that truly fits your needs and works for you. I love the ability to add, move, remove, and change pages around. That’s the reason why I strongly recommend getting a planner that allows you to move pages around (disc or ring-bound).

By adding printable planner inserts to your planner, you’re no longer limited to what comes inside commercial planners. You get to be creative and decide what sections and pages you need. We all have different lives, different ways of operating, and different needs… It only makes sense that we all should have different planners, customized to fit our needs.

Not sure how to make the best of your planner? Here is a list of 150+ things to track in your planner.

What paper hole punches do you need to easily add printable inserts inside your planner?

For Disc Bound planners (such as Happy Planner), I recommend this Discbound hole punch17 Free Printable Planner Pages (20), you can use it to punch all sizes of disc-bound planners (Big Happy Planner, Classic Happy Planner, or Mini Happy Planner).

For Ring-Bound Planners (such as Filofax, Carpe Diem, Websters Pages, etc), I recommend getting an adjustable 6-hole paper punch 17 Free Printable Planner Pages (21)so that it can punch several different sizes of paper for different planners (A5, personal, micro, and compact…).

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